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lina allemano . trumpet
christine duncan . voice
anil eraslan . cello
matthais mainz . piano
albrecht maurer . piano
joe sorbara . drums, percussion
samuel stoll . horn
chris tonelli . voice

lina allemano . trumpet    christine duncan . voice    anil eraslan . cello    matthias mainz . piano    albrecht maurer . violin    joe sorbara . drums, percussion    samuel stoll . horn    chris tonelli . voice

The Aurealities Ensemble brings together musicians from Canada and Germany who have a rich collective experience spanning musical influences and improvisational cultures, from early and new music, through jazz and feely improvised music to extended voice and performance art. The instrumentation of violin and cello, trumpet and horn, piano, and percussion affords a contrasting interplay between sonic contrasts and correspondences. The two soundsingers Christine Duncan and Chris Tonelli are deeply connected to the work of Paul Dutton and to him personally. The levels of language and poetry, of improvisation, of music and sound, are in constant interplay here, and Christine Duncan's theremin builds another bridge between voice and instrument.

Matthias Mainz first worked with Paul Dutton in the winter of 2012, when Mainz had the opportunity to invite Dutton and French cellist Thomas Charmetant to play a short improvised set in Cologne after a concert in Paris. In the summer of 2013, Dutton and Mainz met again in Toronto and spent about ten days in a trio with percussionist Joe Sorbara with improvisation concerts and three subsequent productive recording days at Grant Avenue Studios in Hamilton, Ontario. Because Dutton ceased touring abroad in 2017, Mainz and Sorbara put together an ensemble for a series of concerts and recordings in Germany in 2022 including two Canadian soundsingers, Christine Duncan and Chris Tonelli, both of whom share a deep connection to the work of Paul Dutton.

by Christine Duncan
25ix2021 . Spreehalle, Berlin

This and That
by Lina Allemano
25ix2021 . Spreehalle, Berlin

No. 5
24ix2021 . LOFT, Koeln

Quartet 1
25ix2021 . Spreehalle, Berlin

No. 7
24ix2021 . LOFT, Koeln

No. 2
24ix2021 . LOFT, Koeln

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