j o e s o r b a r a [ d o t ] c o m  .   p r o j e c t s   .   r e m n a n t s   t r i o

ken aldcroft . guitar, effects
evan shaw . alto saxophone
joe sorbara . drums, percussion

ken aldcroft . guitar, effects    evan shaw . saxophones    joe sorbara . drums, percussion

There is a really special bond that comes from working together in a concentrated way over an extended period of time. Evan Shaw, Ken Aldcroft, and Joe Sorbara made a great deal of music together over the course of a little more than a decade starting in the early 2000s. This trio was a very natural extension of all they learned from so much time invested in one another's music; time spent playing each other's compositions, investigating each other's ideas, and struggling together to develop a working understanding about what terms like "composition" and "improvisation" might mean and the different ways in which they might be approached.

Remnants, a studio recording of their music documented in 2003 is available from Oval Window Records.

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never was  

fran├žois houle & joe sorbara

the rest
(jonathan kay & joe sorbara)

norm adams & joe sorbara  

alien radio
(houle/ meger/ sorbara)

the imperative  


imaginary percussion ensemble  

reliable parts  

paul dutton & joe sorbara  


mars people  

my misshapen ear  

other foot first  

remnants trio  

squash recipe  

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