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Jared Burrows, François Houle, and Joe Sorbara

09iv2011, Studio Live (Cumberland, BC)

François Houle, James Meger, and Joe Sorbara: ˈmɔː(r)nɪŋ

26xi2018, Gold Saucer Studio (Vancouver, BC)

My Misshappen Ear (with Anthony Argatoff and Andrew Furlong)

29iv2017, Silence (Guelph)

The Imperative (with Jay Hay and Karen Ng) in rehearsal

from the Barnyard Records CD launch of at somewhere there with Evan Parker and Wes Neal.

09iv2011, 918 Bathurst (Toronto)
(thanks, "olliebonus")

The Search for Happiness and Its Side Effects
from Forget in Rhymes by Emilio Guim's Lullaby North.

iii2014, Array Space (Toronto)

Ken Aldcroft's Convergence Ensemble
"Saskatoon" CD Release Concert, Part 1

21xi2013, TRANZAC (Toronto)

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