Want witty and weird, intense and exuberant, clever and mind-bending? This album from guitarist Ken Aldcroft, alto saxist Evan Shaw and drummer Joe Sorbara is all of that, uncompromisingly devoted to the new. You get a pungent taste of what the trio targets in its disc debut on the opening "Man eating elk with blue earring", the start of a lively, unbridled canter through a large collection of musical forms and experimental cul-de-sacs. Much is punctuated by creative moments of high-octane drama that maintains the mood of forceful exploration. It's all worth hearing, though the three group improvs among the 11 pieces are relatively tedious but any ensemble that wants to cover Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" has to be noted.

-- Geoff Chapman; Toronto Star (27/04/2006)

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